Indoor Cycling in Dubai – the next big fitness thing


Back to the stationary saddle

Indoor cycling is a perfect activity for people from all walks of life and all generations. Many people decide to install a stationary bike in their home, so every family member can use it.

However, if you need more intensive training, we have some great indoor cycling plans here at Max Burn Gym. Our trainers are ready to work with people with different demands and physical abilities. So, you can read more about the physical and mental benefits of indoor cycling in the next few paragraphs.

High-intensity cardio workout

Indoor cycling sessions are usually comprised of high-intensity cardio exercises. The tempo of every session will depend on your physical condition, your demands, and our trainers’ insights.

When our trainers notice that you want a more intensive session than necessary, they will tell you that. For instance, some people have been physically inactive for years. Our trainers approach every indoor cycling client individually and advise them what to do on those stationary bikes.

Our goal is to organize a high-intensity that will suit your present condition. While this might seem a bit slow in the beginning, you should just relax and let our trainers guide you through your cycling sessions.

High intensity is usually the only thing that’s the same in every session. Our instructors are trained to act as both motivators and storytellers. That’s why you’ll experience dozens of different cycling paces, patterns, and motivational strategies in every cycling session.

We guarantee the two main things here: breaking a sweat and having great fun along the way.

Legs and glutes in the spotlight

Indoor cycling brings the most benefits to legs and glutes, just like any other type of cycling. From your hamstrings and calves to your glutes and quads, you’ll feel this burning feeling from your thighs to your toes.

Logically, we recommend this form of exercise to people who want to strengthen their legs. Some clients opt for these training sessions for esthetic reasons. They want to tighten their glutes and increase their leg muscle definition.

Others opt for indoor cycling because of some health issues. For instance, chronic knee pain can be relieved with these training sessions. Oftentimes, it’s the weak quads that cause knee pain. Indoor cycling will help you strengthen these muscles and improve the condition of the entire leg.

Still, if you want to start indoor cycling for these reasons, visit a physiotherapist before you come to our gym. They will tell you whether this type of exercise is allowed in your specific case.

Low risk from injuries

When you’re in the saddle, there’s nothing too much to worry about, injury-wise. Our trainers always guide our clients through warm-up and cool-down activities before and after every lesson, respectively.

Since you perform all these activities on your bike and without any sudden movements, indoor cycling is a low-risk activity. Of course, this is the case with completely healthy trainees without any chronic problems with their legs and back. If you feel constant pain in your legs or your back, talk to a doctor before you start attending these sessions.

Many office workers need to sit long hours and they easily get out of shape. Indoor cycling is a safe and efficient activity to wake up the drowsy body and start bringing it to order.

Beneficial for your mental health

Speaking of office workers, it’s important to stress out that many people experience a lot of tension at work. This combo of long sitting hours and increase stress lead to a bad physical condition. Also, they affect our mental health.

Indoor cycling is a great workout practice to remove some of this stress in a relaxing and smooth way. When you ride your bike for one hour while listening to some pleasant music or our inspired trainers, you can completely sign out from your stressful reality. This period of relaxation is valuable for your mental recovery. You’ll notice that you can think about some difficult challenges more clearly after these sessions.

Also, you’ll see that you’ll be less nervous during the workweek if you go indoor cycling once or twice a week.

Indoor cycling is a great option for everybody because you can set your pace in line with your physical condition. Our trainers will help you find the right tempo for your needs and goals. Also, this is an affordable activity. The only thing you need to bring with you is the membership card of the Max Burn Gym and your gym clothes. In our gym at Al Quoz 3, Street 4 in Dubai we always have enough bikes for all our trainees. So, feel free to apply for our indoor cycling sessions, work with our instructors, and get back in shape.