Working out is safer with personal trainers


Get Fit Fast with a Personal Trainer

Every workout beginning is difficult. For many people, their first visit to the gym the last one, as well. Some might not understand what machine is used for what exercises. Others don’t feel comfortable working out in front of so many unknown people. When you add the variable of low self-confidence to this formula, it’s clear why many new gym-goers don’t keep going to the gym.

This is what our Max Burn Gym team wants to change. What we suggest is to work with one of our experienced personal trainers.

Focused work, less procrastination

Some people like to spend time in the gym without taking the plunge in their workout. They do one set of exercises and then chat on their mobiles or read newspapers on the Web.

Our personal trainers don’t allow for such an attitude. When you start working with one of our instructors, you’ll get some basic rules regarding your workout sessions. We want you to get the maximum value for money in our gym. That’s why our trainers insist on a focused approach from every client they train.

That’s the only way to equally activate your mind and body. If only the body works and the mind isn’t present, the result won’t be satisfactory.

Our trainers make a workout schedule for every client, with a special emphasis on detailed plans for every session. This enables both the trainers and the clients to spend their time together without any procrastination.

Professional assistance, no injuries

When a professional trainer is working with you, the risk of getting injured is minimized.

Our trainers always spend the first or even the second session explaining to every new client how to use each of our machines.

We also want to show our new trainees on how to hold and lift weights. Also, it’s important to learn how to keep your back properly in every single activity you do in our gym.

If clients who want to use the treadmill or the stationary bike, our trainers demonstrate how to work out on these machines.

In case some clients want to focus only on weight lifting, our trainers assist them in every single move they make. This is especially important with more demanding weightlifting activities.

We always encourage our trainers to go the extra mile in explaining the main purpose of every exercise and machine in our gym. That’s how we build trust with our clients and inspire them to become the loyal trainees of Max Burn Gym.

Getting inspired and perspired

Our personal gym trainers aren’t only educated fitness experts. They’re also great motivators who inspire our clients to push the envelope in every new session.

That’s why our clients mostly don’t give up on their training routines in Max Burn Gym. Our personal trainers are always here for them. We want to support our clients to develop a healthier lifestyle. That’s why our trainers’ mission doesn’t end in the gym. Our clients can count on their support in terms of nutrition programs and other things that will improve their quality of life.

Many of our clients and personal trainers establish a long-term professional relationship, which is something we’re especially proud of.

Our Max Burn Gym offers our clients collaboration with experienced and committed personal trainers. From our experience, we believe that gym beginners should start their activities under proper professional supervision. We constantly invest in our trainers’ skills, both the fitness ones and the psychological ones. Trainers need to know how to educate and motivate their trainees. If you need a personal trainer, visit our gym at Al Quoz, Street 4, and meet our professional staff. They will be happy to share their knowledge with you and help you improve your physical condition.