Functional Fitness in DUBAI –
Getting in Shape Bit by Bit

Why Functional Fitness?

Functional Fitness is a combination of various high-intensity physical activities. The main parts of an average Functional Fitness session are usually the following exercises:

  • Kettlebells
  • Weightlifting
  • Intensive body movements
  • Plyometric jumps.

Each of these activities aims at different parts of our body. Still, they’re not for everyone due to their high intensity. We think it’s important to present the benefits and potential issues with Functional Fitness to our potential clients. So, sit back and find out more about this training program.

Weight loss and fat decrease

When you’re combining different types of exercises, you consume more energy from your body cells. During a regular Functional Fitness session, you’ll most probably burn more calories than during a typical weightlifting session.

Changing different tools, like kettlebells and weights, and doing various physical movements will activate many muscle groups. When each of these powerhouses starts releasing energy, you’ll start burning off calories on many different fronts.

This will also make your fat supplies start moving and burning.

Under the professional guidance of our trainers, you can pick the Functional Fitness activities that suit your needs. Some clients feel that one group of these exercises works better for them, while others prefer some other workout routines. We’re here to help you identify the right thing for you.

This variety of Functional Fitness activities will let you find what’s best for you.

Increased muscle strength

Depending on your preferences, you can cover all the training sets during one session. Still, it’s not only your preferences that will affect this decision.

Our Functional Fitness instructors have the last word when it comes to the session schedule. Even though we always listen to our clients, our experienced trainers will give you their point of view.

If they think that a trainee isn’t fit enough for all these activities in one session, they’ll insist on a small number of exercises. This gradual increase in the level of workout intensity is the best way to build your muscle strength.

Therefore, bear in mind that you don’t have to do all the Functional Fitness activities in one training session. Only clients who are in good shape and who showcase their physical ability will be allowed and encouraged to do such sessions.

Enhanced flexibility and agility

Even if you do only one or two sets of Functional Fitness activities in one training session, you’ll increase your flexibility and agility tremendously. After a few weeks of a regular workout routine, you’ll start feeling more agile and flexible.

For instance, if you do a series of plyometric jumps and explosive bodyweight exercises, your entire body will burn from energy and power. The more you energize different groups of muscles, the more agility you’ll feel in every corner of your body.

It’s important to know that Functional Fitness sessions include some classical exercises, like overhead presses, kettlebell exercises, and squats. The fast exchange of such workout practices will make you feel some parts of your body you weren’t even aware of.

The same goes for flexibility. Working on flexibility is especially important for people who spend a lot of time on the computer. If you’re one of them, feel free to speak with our Max Burn Gym instructors and tell them what your problem is. They’ll tell you what combination of Functional Fitness features you should do to improve your flexibility.

Functional Fitness as a way of thinking

Functional Fitness isn’t only a batch of various physical exercises. It’s also a special way of thinking. Our Functional Fitness trainers want to turn our clients into a cohesive group of gym-goers. They often suggest some lifestyle and diet changes that should improve the quality of your life. It’s especially important to adopt proper nutrition habits to accelerate your progress.

Also, our Functional Fitness trainers know how to boost your morale and motivate you to give your best in training sessions. They inspire you to attend your training sessions regularly and do every exercise with as much strength as possible.

Every Functional Fitness group gradually becomes a close-knit community that shares more than a workout group. Our instructors will always be here for you to advise you and direct you as our Functional Fitness trainee.

If you feel that you need more challenges or a multi-layered approach to physical activity, try Functional Fitness. So, visit our Functional Fitness team in Max Burn Gym and find the best combo of exercises from this fitness program. With the help of our committed instructors, you’ll soon become an avid Functional Fitness trainee and regular user of our premises at Al Quoz 3, Street 4, Dubai.