Boxing in DUBAI a Treat for Mind and Body

Boxing in DUBAI
a Treat for Mind and Body

Boxing is probably the most lucrative and popular martial art in terms of professional matches and TV coverage.

Still, it’s rarely cited among the top three fitness activities with business people. This is mainly so because boxing is a physically demanding sport. Also, boxing techniques are more difficult than some other workout practices out there.

However, you can count on some tremendous physical and mental benefits from boxing sessions.

We organize boxing training sessions at Max Burn Gym. You can read more about the benefits of these sessions in the next few paragraphs.

1) Overall body workout

Our trainers at Max Burn Gym will teach you how to use some practical techniques for different groups of muscles. Sometimes you’ll use only the boxing bag, but some other times you’ll do have sparing sessions with your trainer.

In every boxing session, you’ll jump and run, as well as kick and punch the boxing bag. All these actions and movements will activate your body from head to toe.

What’s more, every boxing training session starts with a warmup activity and ends with stretching. Apart from losing dozens of calories during the training, you’ll also improve your body shape and posture.

2) Weight loss on the go

Our boxing and fitness instructors don’t put weight loss as one of the goals before our clients. What we prefer is that weight loss comes as a natural result of a well-planned physical workout.

This is where our boxing sessions do a great job. Since boxing is a demanding and exhausting activity, you’ll break a sweat in every training session. As you attend more and more sessions, you’ll keep increasing your muscle mass and start reducing your body fat. This will eventually lead to weight loss. Also, it’s good to know that the speed of this process is an individual thing.

What’s important here is the road – the boxing sessions with our experienced trainers – and the goals will eventually be visible in any way whatsoever.

3) Improved coordination

We are a sedentary generation. We sit in our offices, in our cars, and in our living rooms. The more we sit, the more passive our body gets.

Another huge drawback of such a lifestyle is damaged coordination between our limbs and our eyes. Many people who register for boxing sessions say that they’ve noticed this problem. When your coordination is weak, your reflexes are slower, as well. This can lead to serious mistakes at the workplace and at the steering wheel.

Our trainers take care of this issue and they plan our training sessions to help our clients improve their coordination. They usually recommend more intensive mitt work sessions for people with deteriorated coordination. It’s good to know that such boxing sessions are equally suitable for both men and women.

4) Decreased stress

Not only that we lead a sedentary lifestyle, but it’s also full of stress. Tension at work, disputes at home, and anxiety are some of the common issues of many modern people. The more stress we accumulate, the more body functions we might affect.

The best way to fight stress is to work out. This is where boxing comes on stage. Boxing training sessions are among the most efficient stress-relieving activities. Accumulated stress is like high pressure in a boiling pot. When you let off some steam, you don’t only feel relieved, you feel even cathartic.

What’s more, our trainers do their best to keep their trainees completely focused on the activities they do. As a result, you’ll get so obsessed with the next punch and move that you’ll totally forget about your stressful work life.

If you opt for one or more boxing session in our gym, you’ll improve your mental health. Also, you’ll alleviate the feeling of anxiety. This intensive physical activity increases the level of endorphin, which makes us feel satisfied and happy.

Attending regular boxing sessions will improve your overall condition in a very short time. If you’d like to try working with our boxing trainers, feel free to contact us. Also, you can visit our gym at Al Quoz 3, Street 4 in Dubai, to check out what these sessions look like. We assure you that once you try boxing, you’ll keep coming back for more intensive sessions. We’ll help you get back in shape and improve your body-mind coordination.