High-Intensity Interval Training for better health

High-Intensity Interval Training for Better Health

Get Fit Doing HIIT

Contemporary gym-goers want to see the results of their exercise as soon as possible. Many of them are business people, so their time is money. If you belong to this group of people, apply for our high-intensity interval training. Also known as HIIT, it’s based on short intervals of intensive physical activity and short breaks. Its high-intensity nature makes this program an efficient workout routine. You’ll burn more calories and consume more energy in less time than in some traditional exercise practices.

HIIT for beginners

The base of HIIT sessions is the exchange of intensive intervals and short breaks. As our trainers will break it down to you, it’s possible to include all sorts of activities in the HIIT program. For instance, a beginner can ride a stationary bike very quickly for 30 seconds and then continue pedaling slowly for one or two minutes.

If you prefer running and jogging, you can combine short sprint sessions with jogging or walking. So, sprinting for 10 seconds and running slowly for one minute would be a HIIT-routine.

The same goes for swimming and any other workout routine.

When you come to our Max Burn Gym, our trainers will give you more detailed instructions on individual HIIT-options.

In-house HIIT routines

If you apply for our HIIT sessions, our trainers will ask you about your physical condition and your workout goals. Depending on your health and your shape, they will tell you what in-house HIIT routines you can choose.

They will also create a HIIT schedule that you should follow. We care about our clients in every single way. That’s why our trainers always try to incorporate HIIT-sessions into our clients’ business schedule.

Some effects of this workout practice last longer than the session itself. We always explain to our clients these specifics to make them understand why some HIIT routines shouldn’t be done late in the evening.

Doing the HIIT-based exercises at the right time will ensure their long-term benefits for your overall well-being.

Burning calories in short time

The clients who choose HIIT programs usually burn off more calories than the trainees who opt for less intensive programs.

That’s why these training sessions are usually shorter than ordinary workout routines. But you need to know that you’ll feel more exhausted after HIIT sessions. So, you’ll burn the same amount of calories or more than in a regular gym session but within a shorter period of time.

The feeling of exhaustion due to the high-calorie loss needs to be properly compensated. Our trainers will tell you how you need to change your diet. It’s extremely important to take proper carbohydrates before HIIT sessions. You’ll also have to consume protein-based food after these sessions, as well as some additional carbs.

So, get ready to burn more calories in less time and be prepared to feel extreme exhaustion. Make sure to listen to our trainers’ nutrition advice. This combination of workout and dietary discipline will ensure great results in no time.

Losing fat, building muscles

HIIT sessions will hit your body fat directly into the bull’s eye. It’s the short intervals of intensive physical activity that wake up the accumulated body fat.

Bear in mind that these routines will activate both bad fats and good fats. Also, the initial effect of HIIT sessions is more clearly visible with obese clients. They’ll start noticing improvement already after the first few sessions. Our HIIT trainers pay special attention to this group of clients, especially if they haven’t been physically active for a while. Such clients will start losing fat soon, but their muscle mass won’t increase immediately.

People of average weight will also burn some of their fat immediately. They can also expect to see the visual changes on their muscle mass quickly after they take up this course.

So, exchanging the intervals of short but intensive activities and small breaks will activate various tissues in your body.

Expect the aftereffects

As our trainers often stress out in HIIT sessions, this workout program is characteristic of its aftereffects. When you have a regular training routine in the gym, you can feel the tension in your muscles for some short time after the session.

HIIT sessions are different from the ordinary ones because trainees can feel the aftereffects for hours after their sessions.

With these routines, you strike the energy supplies in your blood cells hard. We’ve highlighted that these sessions are shorter than regular gym training routines. That’s why you might start feeling the effects of HIIT exercises longer than usual.

The greatest benefit of this extended effect is accelerated metabolism. As your body keeps responding to the workout stimuli for hours after each session, it stays longer in the alert mode. So, all the processes within your body also last longer. That’s why it’s crucial to follow our trainer’s nutrition tips and make HIIT sessions even more efficient for your body.

We organize group and individual HIIT sessions in our Dubai Max Burn Gym, at Al Quoz 4, Street 4. If you want to start attending these sessions, feel free to contact us or visit our gym.

If you’re still in two minds over this training program, you can talk to our trainers. They will give you more additional details about the HIIT program and its specifics. So, don’t hesitate to visit us and become a member of our HIIT community.