Let your body roll with a Fit ball in Dubai

Let Your Body Roll
with a Fit Ball

Why fit ball?

The fit ball is a multi-purpose exercise device for people of different generations. This affordable exercise ball meets various demands. It will help you if you’re in good shape. It’s also great if you’re just starting to improve your condition.

On the one hand, working out with a fit ball brings numerous benefits to your well-being. On the other hand, it doesn’t force your body to go beyond its limits. You can keep control over your movements all the time.

You can either attend group training sessions or work out home alone. Under the professional guidance of our fitness instructors, you’ll see the results of your workout sessions in no time.

Now let’s learn more about the development of the fit ball and its specific benefits.

Fit ball – the inception

Even though the fit ball is used for physical exercise, it was invented by a plastic product manufacturer. In 1963, Italian entrepreneur Aquilino Cosani made a large ball made from firm plastic.

In the beginning, the fit ball was used in physical therapy for toddlers and infants. Since these treatments were performed in Switzerland by British physiotherapist Mary Quinton, the ball also became popular as the “Swiss ball”.

As other physical therapists started using the fit ball for rehabilitation, it soon became a popular exercise item for group training sessions.

Today, the fit ball is used for a wide range of training sessions, from Pilates and yoga to sports training and physiotherapy.

Abdominal and lumbar benefits

Depending on the type of exercise, the fit ball can activate different parts of your body. No matter what you do with it, the abdominal and lumbar muscles are constantly active when you’re using this ball.

This is beneficial for people who suffer from obesity or constant back pain. For such people, every more intensive physical activity is potentially dangerous. With the ergonomic fit balls we use in our training sessions, you can make various careful movements that will help you strengthen the abdominal and lumbar areas.

Better coordination and concentration

Many office workers, teenagers, and older people suffer from insufficient coordination and concentration.

This leads to lower productivity at work and in school or to the general decline in the quality of life.

That’s why our fit ball instructors ensure purposeful and focused training sessions for various groups of people. They’re easy to follow and they’ll improve both your coordination and concentration.

Relieved stress and reduced tension

Different people deal with stress in different ways. Some people start feeling the tension in the upper back. Others feel neck pain or headache. Working out with the fit ball will help you reduce this tension and relieve the stress accumulated from work and personal problems.

Our fitness instructors in Dubai can prepare some tailor-made exercises for your specific needs. If you’ve been under higher pressure than usual, tell them where you feel the pain and tension. They can focus on these areas of your body with some specially designed exercises.

Various office uses

The fit ball isn’t practical only for gym use. Some office workers with chronic lumbar problems use the fit ball instead of the office chair. Due to its ergonomic shape, the fit ball will improve your posture and keep your back muscles active around the (working) clock. So, instead of hunching over, which causes back pain, this ball will force you to sit straight.

If you’re already using the fit ball as your office chair, you can do some workout with it every day.

Our trainers can show you how to make the most of the fit ball when you’re in your office.

Why May Burn Gym fit ball sessions?

If you haven’t done any physical activity for a while or you suffer from chronic back pain, the fit ball is the right thing for you. It will help you gradually improve your physical condition and your posture without causing any pain or discomfort.

Our Dubai-based fitness instructors will help you to choose the right fit ball and teach you how to use it. You can join our group training sessions or ask for individual training activities. Feel free to call us or pay a visit to our gym at Al Quoz 3, Street 4 in Dubai and start making your life better through our fit ball training sessions.